New detection tool for airborne spores of Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew, caused by the fungus Erysiphe necator, is an important disease of grapevines in Australia and worldwide. If not adequately […]

Plant pest surveillance goes mobile in the Adelaide Hills

In early spring, a new, smart plant pest surveillance tool was deployed in its first ever trial in an apple […]

CRDC’s Spotlight Magazine- Diversifying smart plant surveillance

The prototype Sentinel was deployed to Far North Queensland in early 2020, however, due to COVID-19 it was returnedto its […]

FWPA’s R&D Works – Cross-industry collaboration yields great results for pest detection

The national, cross-industry iMapPESTS program brings together research scientists, government representatives and all plant-based Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDCs). […]

New plant pest and disease surveillance tech delivered

Hort Innovation’s iMapPESTS project, supported by the Australian Government through the Rural R&D for Profit Program, is set to deliver […]

Sugar Research Australia- iMapPESTS webinar

The iMapPESTS: Sentinel Surveillance for Agriculture program aims to rapidly monitor and report the presence of airborne pests and diseases […]

Aiming for the sky with innovative plant pest surveillance​

A custom-designed, mobile plant pest surveillance unit – known as a ‘sentinel’ – is under construction to help better manage […]

Airborne sampling offers faster, clearer detection of pests

Australia’s agriculture and horticulture industries including cotton have joined forces to change the way airborne pests and diseases are detected.

Aiming for the sky in cross-industry plant pest surveillance

Australia’s agriculture and horticulture industries have joined forces, developing a program to change the way airborne pests and diseases are […]

Hart Field Day 2019 news

Surveillance technology to ramp up intelligence on pests and diseases