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Monitoring airborne pests and diseases to aid on-farm pest management decision making

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iMapPESTS: Sentinel Surveillance for Agriculture is a research project aimed at boosting on-farm pest management through rapid and accurate monitoring and reporting of airborne pests and diseases that affect our crops.

Smart Surveillance

Network of smart surveillance tools, with specialised trapping technology, deployed at various locations across Australia to monitor the presence of high-priority pests and diseases

Pest & Disease Diagnostics

Advanced diagnostic techniques are being explored for priority targets across Australia’s plant industries, including exotic pests and pathogens, aiming to speed up detection for faster delivery of information for industry

Communication & Extension

Pest and disease surveillance findings are summarised on the iMapPESTS website for industry to explore and access timely, accurate information to support and extend pest management on-farm

What we do

Research & Development for Industry

iMapPESTS aims to establish the foundations for a national cross-industry surveillance system using state-of-the-art technologies for the components of a surveillance, diagnostics and data management system. iMapPESTS R&D activities include research sub-projects across the themes of surveillance, diagnostics, and engagement and adoption.

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Smart Surveillance Suite

The iMapPESTS mobile surveillance units, or ‘Sentinels’, have been developed to incorporate several smart trapping devices for monitoring airborne spores & insects. The suite of Sentinels are equipped with power supply, climate sensors, telemetry & a control panel to remotely monitor & control the units.

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The Sentinels are deployed in trials across Australia’s growing regions to evaluate the function and capacity of the units to operate across a wide range of environmental conditions and landscapes. Pest and pathogen data are available for each of our current trials.

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